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FAQ: JAM Session

"When you have the expression Balloon Jam or Jam Room does it mean for round balloons decorations or only for twisters & entertainers? I know from what I have seen in previous events such as Balloon Camp, World Balloon Convention etc that usually you get a bunch of people mostly twisting after class and thru the night. "
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"You are correct, it has been used only to refer to twisters who like to share ideas.

However, if you want to use the same basic idea for decorators, maybe you should come up with another name for it.

It might be:

  • Decorator Share-arama,
  • Centerpiece Balloon Jam,
  • Decorator Round Table,
  • Decorator Synergy Session,
  • Decorator Idea Consortium,
  • Decorator Creativity Incubator,
  • Best Practices Party,
  • Decorator Idea Incubator,
  • Decorator Squeak-Arama,
  • Bring Your Own Balloon Ideas (BYOBI)

  • or some other name.

Good Luck.


NOTA DO GBAlmanac: "JAM Session" refere-se somente a "twisters" que gostam de compartilhar ideias e não se aplica a decoradores & balões redondos.


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